Friday, May 8, 2015

Every Good Boy,...

      Mom's been staying w/ me for a few days here in Norman, due to the weather. With all the Tornado's and flooding rain it's safer for her to stay up here at my Condo instead of driving home. She's brought Sunshine here so she's been lounging around too. My dog Moe has been hanging around Sunshine a lot too, climbing over and under her. Other than that, business as normal. ;)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Creating a Tilt-Shift Photo,...

This is the most fun I've had in a while w/ Gimp & Photoshop so,...

Tilt-Shift is a process where the photo takes on characteristics of a miniature model or scene. Landscapes definitely work the best, for making the photos.

1. Take your stock photo.

2. Open Layer > Duplicate Layer

3. Filter > Blur

*Note - As a rule of thumb the closer you are as in Portraits use very little blur, the further away you can increase the blur.

4. Add a Mask tot he 'Blur /Copy' Layer

5. Play around w/ the Blend tool for a finished product.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Great $200 Wal-Mart Bike,...

     I've had the bike now for about 3 month's. It's a GMC Denali Men's 25", 700c, Road Bike. Orange & Black. I bought it at Wal-Mart for about $175.
GMC Denali 700c Road Bike
     It rides pretty well for a $200 bike. I've had Bianchi DX Sport & Kestrel 6000 before, so I know about a good ride. 

On the downside, I have 3 complaints. 

  1. The breaks could have more stopping power.
  2. The gears could change smoother and be more complete in their action.
  3. It could be lighter.

    I feel just slightly nervous or shaky compared to my more expensive bikes. Also, it does fit properly but I'm only 6' and bought the 25", I should have bought the 22", but it wasn't in-stock at the time. I just have the seat low.

Anyways, on the good side:
  1. It's Flashy.
  2. Defiantly faster around town than my mountain bike or cruiser.
  3. The wheels and tires seem solid, for a 1" tire.
  4. The handlebars and saddle feel good while riding, there's defiantly enough padding.
    I use this bike to go tothe store and also as a club rider. Most of the other people in the club have Trek's and Specialized & I can keep up with them doing 16-18. It's been a few years since I've been riding and i used to ride at 18 - 21. Most of this, is just lack of exercise, not the bicycle.
    Anyways, for under $200, I don't think you'll find a better bicycle anywhere, even a used, more expensive bike & the GMC, Wal-Mart bike will have a warranty.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


     I've recently moved to a condo in Norman, OK. I'm in the upper corner unit. The Castle unit,... ;)
     The place is modern & beautiful. While only a 1 bedroom, the rooms are large and spacious. I'm finally getting settled in w/ only a few pieces of furniture still needed. I have my computer, TV, fish tank all set up and ready for daily living.
     The cable has the regular cable TV show's plus HBO, with Game of Thrones coming on in a month. I must say I've fallen in love w/ Big Bang Theory,... ;) The internet is no slouch either, with 50 Mbit's coming through, I downloaded Star Citizen, a 20 GB game in 30 minutes! I've gotten back into the habit of chatting thru IRC #AllNightCafe throughout the day again. Although last time I used to chat on Yahoo! and download through IRC,... ;/ Also there are some cool folks on Google+ Video Hangouts.
     I've also gotten a new couch. Its extremely comfortable to watch TV and read books from!
     Doing my exercise, walking /calisthenics, right from my front door, around the neighborhood and back is exactly 2 miles. I figure, if I can keep myself doing the exercises, within 6 months I'll have lost the 50 pounds I'm looking to loose. Eating healthier and keeping the food up is way easier in this way modern kitchen,... ;)
     As it is, I've made out very well w/ this move to the Venice Condos. My daily routines seem to be taking on a semi-balance of normal life between entertainment, exerciser & getting back out into society. I think I've made a good choice & am loving my life here,... ;)


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I've Consolidated,...

I've consolidated all of my websites. Woo-Hoo. It seems I had my Own Domain name, Wordpress, Facebook, Google+ & others.

Since I'm on disability I've decided to do away with anything I have to $Pay$ for. I think for email I'll use my Gmail. So that basically keeps me with Google+ & Facebook. I plan on keeping Facebook for Family & Google+ for goofing off. If any of yall see me on Google+, Circle me. There's always more that could go on there. ;) 

This Blogger seems just as well as Wordpress, so hopefully no problems there. Now I just need a subject to blog about. Maybe the screenwriting will pop back up. Hopefully so.