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Welcome to Garage Vape Co.                                est. 2022
          Most of these are Mech Boro Mods. They can be made as well as any Optimist Sailor or VooDoll Annabell. I first made mine at home and got mixed results. I Did Not have the proper enclosure for the Nylon-12 w. Glass Beads. Hence I got alot of layer Seperation. My main goal was to have fun, yet I still wanted a Working Mod, that I had made myself. So here's what I did to get it.

          I first found my *.STL to print off of, an 3D Printing Website that Hosts files of objects to download. also has some vaping products.
          Next, I went  to,, ect. and price shopped. I will tell you some are High $$$ in some areas and cheaper in others. Other companies the exact opposite. Such as Bronze /Steel then Gold Plated $185 at one place , $750 at another. Then their's just regular Nylon 12 w. CF or GB $12 - $14 at one location $40 - $50 at another. All-In-All, shop around.